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Our Coffee

The little things


We get all the little things right when we grind, tamp and pour our coffee. That's why it's never bitter or sour.
So there's no need to add a sugar or two just to make it palatable. Then you only need to add sugar if you have sweet tooth tendencies!


The beans


We use a boutique brand of coffee bean which is an intricate medium strength complex blend designed for milk or straight black coffee's. It has a seductive mouth feel and medium body....


The fanatics


We are fanatics about bean storage and freshness!

Our coffee beans are always used within 6 weeks of being roasted (Many cases within 4 weeks). And we thoroughly clean our coffee machine every single day, 7 Days a week. That means there is very little chance of getting a stale coffee on our premises!


Rebecca makes a Coffee

Coffee Glossary



A single espresso shot topped with dense textured milk & creamy foam. Available in cup or mug.

Flat White

Simple. An espresso shot topped with textured creamy milk in a cup or mug.


A single shot of espresso with steamed mlik & topped with dense foam and served in a glass or mug.

Short Black

A single shot of espresso with a layer of honey-golden crema.

Long Black

A double shot of espresso with a layer of honey golden crema. Cup or Mug.




A traditional double shot of espresso with a dash of steamed milk & dense foam poured into the centre of the crema. Short or long.


A single espresso shot topped with whipped cream and served in
a tall glass.


A simple summer dessert. A double shot of espresso poured over a scoop of cream vanilla ice cream.


A tall glass, lined with chocolate syrup, a fresh espresso shot, steamed milk, topped with a thick layer of dense foam and dusted with chocolate. Tall Glass or Mug.


House made drinks

Try one of our popular house made drinks!

Iced Coffee

See how we make our extremely popular
Iced Coffee, featuring Kelly!

We also make Iced Chocolate, Iced Strawberry, Iced Mocha and a selection of Milk Shakes!


see in store for details

Loose Leaf Teas

If you like a piping hot brew, then
we have a fantastic range of loose leaf teas to drink here or take home!

Click on the jars to discover the teas!

subject to change. Please check in-store for current selections!

Check In-Store

for refreshing house-made drinks

Such as:

• Good Mary

• Bloody Good Mary

• Pine, Lime & Lemon Crush

• and other refreshing drinks!

Soft Drinks Juices

We have a great range of bottle and fresh house made juices!

Ask in-store for details!

We're a little old fashioned when it comes to soft drinks! We like the vintage flavour that you only get from glass bottle soft drinks!


we are fully licensed

Whether you are after the mainstream brands or prefer something a little left of centre, we give you a large selection to choose from!

drink responsibly.


We have a newly update wine list with a huge array of piccolo to suit everyone's tastes!

Please check in-store for current selections.

drink responsibly.


We carry a selection of Spirits and also now sell Rekorderlig Swedish Cider in a wide range of popular flavours!

Please check in-store for current selections.

drink responsibly.

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Planning ahead.

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About Us

We are a Cafe located on Pierssene Road, Yarrawonga Palmerston, that serves great coffee & fantastic food in a relaxing environment!

Open 7 Days!

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